Van Vorst Park

Van Vorst Park & Company is a proud member of the Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International family. We are a dedicated local real estate group specializing in the vibrant and historic Van Vorst Park neighborhood found within Downtown Jersey City.

Craig Zehms, a long-time resident of Van Vorst Park, is honored to serve as the President of The Van Vorst Park Neighborhood Association and as a board member of the historic Barrow Mansion. His genuine passion for community development is the cornerstone of our efforts. Coley Howard, with a background in real estate plus a keen understanding of market trends joins forces with Craig to head Van Vorst Park and Company (VVP & Co). 

The group is centered around the idea of the park itself – a place that brings people together, fosters connections, and creates a sense of community. We understand that finding the perfect home is not only about the property; it’s about embracing the unique lifestyle and opportunities surrounding each home.

Whether buying, selling, or investing, VVP & Co. are dedicated to providing you with personalized and professional real estate services tailored to the distinct character of Van Vorst Park.